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Be Confident In Your Online Presence and Digital Strategy

We review what you're doing today and show you how to improve your bottom-line results.
We call it the "Double Your Sales*" Review
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* Here's the fine print: Of course we can't guarantee you'll double your sales - that will still be up to you.  We can guarantee you'll get some eye-opening and actionable ideas for growth you probably aren't doing today.

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Delight Your Customers

What Can Happen If Your "Online" Isn't Amazing?

Missed Opportunity

Customers are looking for what you offer but do they even know you exist?

Customer Uncertainty

If they find you, is your offer clear? Do they know exactly how to do business with you?

Financial Risk

Are you missing sales? You could be putting your business at risk.

We Can Help You
Make It Amazing


Your website, social sites, ads, emails, products and processes


Be ready for the new realities of the post-virus business world


Identify and capitalize on opportunities already within your business today


Your team, your customers, your colleagues

Benefit from our years of experience in product management and marketing at Fortune 500 companies - now made available to small and mid-size companies

How The "Double Your Sales" Review Works

1. Schedule Your Review

2. Meet Via Online Call
​(no prep, travel or masks needed)

3. Get Real, Actionable Ideas

OUR GUARANTEE: you’ll see exactly how you’re doing and where to focus your efforts.

Just one idea from our meeting could help you easily achieve your goals for the year!

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We Don't Just Care About Marketing
We Care About YOU

Running a business can be stressful in the best of times. We get it!

And marketing is just one more task on your overloaded list

Now more than ever you need confidence your marketing is working. We can help!
  • We are a team of professionals with the perfect blend of strategy development and tactical execution
  • You will leverage the power of the world leader in marketing and business optimization training: Digital Marketer
  • Tap into strategies and techniques designed and thoroughly tested for success. You will move the needle on your business.

Don’t wonder if you’re ready  - 

Know for sure

Business has changed.  It's never been more important to have your online presence and digital marketing strategy nailed down and ready for whatever comes next.   We will recover.  But it's going to take everyone to make it happen.  As a business pacesetter you are in a unique position to lead the way and protect the ones who rely on you the most - your family and your employees.

You may be wondering:

Do I Have Time For This?

Time is a precious commodity so we are very efficient.  Our initial review takes about 1 hour from start to finish.  It starts with a conversation about what’s going on in your business and what challenges you face. From there, we move through a structured review to help you understand what you are doing now that’s working, and where the opportunities are for improvement.

Is This Going To Be Too Expensive?

The good news is that the initial review is free.  You will take away actionable items to work on that can start having an immediate positive effect.  If you want to do them yourself or work with your existing agency that is absolutely fine. After our conversation, if you decide that it would be valuable to do further work together, great! But there’s absolutely no obligation.

Is This Like Other Things I've Tried In The Past?

Marketing is not an exact science like engineering, but it does share some similarities.  Sometimes you have to try - test - repeat to get it right.  If you’ve worked with an agency or marketing consultant before and it just didn’t pan out the way you expected that's not too surprising.  It happens.  At Seven Peaks Marketing we follow a repeatable process guided by data and testing.  We’re not perfect - nobody is - but with our approach you will see positive results.

Do I Need This? I Already Know What I'm Doing

As a business owner or manager you wear many hats.  If one of your many hats is “marketing” your marketing plan and execution may not be getting the focus it requires.  You’re busy!  And even though marketing seems on the surface like an easy thing to do it's actually quite nuanced and specialized.  Getting it right can be a challenge.  If nothing else, meet with us and leverage our experience as a sanity check on what you're doing today. You might be surprised just how useful an objective review can be - a review from someone who isn’t buried up to their eyeballs in the day-to-day operations of your business.

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Be Recovery Ready

This online presence and digital marketing strategy review is normally $895.  Through the partnership of Seven Peaks Marketing and Creative Business Resources we are making it available exclusively to our existing customers for free during the month of June

We are here to help.  Please sign up quickly as spots are limited.

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